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Investors Don't Have Too Much of a Good Thing
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 3:42:02 PM

There are plenty of warning signs in today’s market, but earnings growth isn’t one of them. Read More..

Smartphones: The High Price of a Screen Grab
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 3:19:02 PM

Upsizing screens has worked for Samsung and Apple before, but the cost of staying competitive keeps ... Read More..

RH's Hard-to-Believe Restoration
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:51:03 PM

Shares of the home-furnishings company formerly named Restoration Hardware surged after its earnings... Read More..

Tencent Hits a Speed Bump With Tesla
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:44:01 PM

The Chinese tech giant’s $1.8 billion stake in the U.S. electric-vehicle company looks wasteful. Read More..

Trump's Free Hand on Bank Deregulation
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:43:00 PM

The Trump administration has the power to enact substantial bank deregulation on its own without leg... Read More..

Time for Lululemon to Get Off the Mat
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:38:04 PM

Lululemon’s historically rich valuation finally looks compelling enough ahead of Wednesday’s earning... Read More..

New and Improved Drug Prices May Lower Political Side Effects
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:35:04 PM

New high-price drugs look reasonably priced compared with peers. Read More..

Investors Face Brexit Quiet Before the Negotiating Storm
Published by pzalewski on 3/29/2017 1:34:05 PM

The U.K. has been in a curious position: in the EU but with a much weaker currency that reflects the... Read More..

Snap Investors Don't Like Facebook's Latest Move
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 5:36:05 PM

Facebook’s ability to encroach on Snap’s turf raises questions about the depth of Snap’s competitive... Read More..

If Stocks Wobble, Will Bonds Be There To Absorb the Blow?
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 4:14:04 PM

Bonds normally provide a countervailing cushion when stocks fall. But a big bond rally faces challen... Read More..

Tencent Makes It Harder to Bet Against Tesla
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 1:55:05 PM

Tencent’s purchase of a 5% stake in Tesla makes skeptics’ case against the electric-car pioneer toug... Read More..

SoftBank's Vision Fund Will Keep Tech Unicorns Happy
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 11:22:04 AM

SoftBank’s $6 billion investment in Didi Chuxing would have been enough to buy all of the Chinese ri... Read More..

China's Booming Car Market Fueled by Credit
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 9:21:01 AM

Auto-financing penetration numbers aren’t startling compared to the developed world. The pace of gro... Read More..

Chinese Bidder for AC Milan Gets Capital Controls Assist
Published by pzalewski on 3/28/2017 9:18:04 AM

Getting in early on a surge in foreign-currency financed Chinese acquisitions such as soccer club AC... Read More..

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